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Great-looking websites are just that. Great-looking. At KAYAK we understand that the web isn’t all about looks, it’s about generating new business along with aesthetics like we've accomplished for Black Earth humics. Our 3-point strategy of education, marketing, and automation combined with our creative abilities and online marketing strategies, will set your business apart from rest. Let's talk about your online marketing needs.

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Black Earth: Measurable Growth - In the Field and on the Web

Black Earth supplies growers with the highest quality humic products available. Along with a proven track record of encouraging plant growth, farmers and horticulturists alike use humic material to organically reinvigorate their soil.


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Our task

To help convert previously passive web traffic into qualified leads for their internal sales team.

The solution

Reinvent Black Earth’s online presence.

Although the Black Earth website's most noticeable change is visual, the real work was done in the marketing and user experience. We transformed Black Earth’s brochure-style website into a dynamic lead-generating business site by incorporating targeted marketing messaging, engaging calls-to-action, a simplified user experience, visitor tracking and integrated social media tools.

The results

Within 24-hours of launching the new website, Black Earth was able to surpass the vast majority of their competitors and very nearly matched the industry leader (as reported by two major website grading tools.) Yes, within 24 hours!

Statistics are great – but we’re just as focussed on the business ramifications of a website redesign. Deploying sophisticated marketing strategies, Black Earth is now able to capture information and generate multiple leads for their sales team 24/7. In fact, in the same 24-hour time period from launch, Black Earth received a number of leads – from several different countries.

Black Earth is now equipped with a website that has logical progression to an end goal (lead generation) and the means of tracking successes and identifying areas in need of improvement. With help from our team of experts, Black Earth is positioned to see (and measure) improvement and the ROI of their website like never before.


<– Before (highly technical, no lead capture)

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