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About Kayak Online Marketing

Headquartered in Calgary, Alberta Canada, Kayak Online Marketing helps businesses generate quality leads online with business websites, social media networking and captivating content marketing that engages visitors. We help organizations build their businesses online with activities that generate leads. Learn more about our approach (video).

randy milanovic web

In addition to publishing two books about business websites and search engine findability, our principal, Randy Milanovic, has been featured, guest blogged, or mentioned in a variety of media, including:,,,, and more.

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5 Social Listening Hacks for Twitter


The power of Twitter is that, as a platform, there is so much to be found - new connections, weird facts, and business opportunities abound. It's important to know what to listen to.

To Blog or Not To Blog – Are Social Tools Ready Replace Them?

mammoth blog

Will blogs soon go the way of wooly mammoths and bell-bottomed jeans? Some online marketing leaders certainly think so. In fact, many of them are giving up their blogs already, taking their content, fans, and inspirations to Google+ and other social venues.

5 Darn Good Reasons to Start Blogging with LinkedIn Pulse

5 darn good reasons to blog on LinkedIn pulse

As a rule of thumb, having more content in more places is a very good thing for marketers. At the very least, it gets your content in front of more eyes. At the same time, we all recognize that there are only so many hours in a day, and so many great ideas to pursue. That makes choosing the right channels for your articles incredibly important.

The Dodo Bird of Marketing Tactics?

interruptive going dodo

Pop-ups, pop-unders, waiting a few seconds to watch an ad before you can play that video, articles with advertisements mid-stream and email marketing are all interruptive advertising strategies. And, much like that phone call at dinner time, less than welcomed by your prospects.

Is Your Business Website Up to Code with Google?

website purpose wins

Although many in the SEO and online marketing industry like to speak about Google's algorithm as if it were an ancient secret buried beneath a mythical tomb, secrets known only to a chosen few who spend their days meditating in silence, the reality is actually a lot more mundane. Even if we don't know exactly what Google wants from a website, we've had a pretty good idea for several years about what our visitors want.

Is Your Website Visitor a Skimmer or a Diver?

skimmer or diver

Summer's here and people are taking to the water, whether it's rafting down a slow creek or getting out the waterskis. If you're avoiding the sun by staying in the office, there's a take-away we marketers can learn from the people splashing around at the lake: there are the skimmers, and there are divers.

How Do You Build a Social Media Habit? Making Waves #21

3 habit-forming tips towards social success

One of the difficulties with starting to take your business networking online is remembering to do it every day - you have new websites to visit, new usernames and passwords, and new things to learn once you're logged in. How do you do it all?

18 Marketing and Website Improvement Resources from Mark

18 marketing resouces

Educating and coaching our clients is a staple in our process, but by no means do we know it all. We're always looking to learn more, stay current with the newest ideas, and be the best marketers we can be.

How Many Grumpy Cats Does It Take to Screw in a Light Bulb?

embracing viral content

Not too long ago, I encouraged marketers to skip over what I called "second-tier content" that's designed to attract views and shares, questioning if it really adds anything to your message.

There are many examples of second-tier content, of course, but the most prominent would be jokes, Internet memes, and related viral content that doesn't really do much to enhance our business lives, even if it provides a welcome distraction for a few seconds. Of course, taking a position against viral content, was like wearing a raincoat to fend off a tsunami. I never stood a chance.

What Legend of Zelda Taught Me about Online Marketing

legend of zelda sword

Marketing can be a world of adventure and discovery all its own, so there's no surprise that we could pick up a trick or two from one of the most popular video game franchises of the past 25 years. What can Legend of Zelda teach you about being a better marketer?

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Located in Calgary Alberta Canada, our online marketing firm follows a 3-point strategy for online marketing success: education, marketing and automation.