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About Kayak Online Marketing

Headquartered in Calgary, Alberta Canada, Kayak Online Marketing helps businesses generate quality leads online with business websites, social media networking and captivating content marketing that engages visitors. We help organizations build their businesses online with activities that generate leads. Learn more about our approach (video).

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In addition to publishing two books about business websites and search engine findability, our principal, Randy Milanovic, has been featured, guest blogged, or mentioned in a variety of media, including:,,,, and more.

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Should You Really Disavow Low Quality Links?

sorry google

For a lot of companies with checkered SEO pasts, the idea of disavowing links seems like the Internet equivalent of a pardon from the governor. That's probably why so many web masters are rushing to disavow poor-quality links, and why the practice has quickly become standard in our industry.

Theoretically, disavowing would be as if you had never had any association with low-quality websites at all. Sounds like a good solution, doesn't it? And yet, our advice to you might be to not disavow links at all.

Making Waves with the Team at KAYAK Online Marketing

making waves

Cool, crazy, crafty, or even contradictory... these are some of the finds we've taken upon ourselves to deem share-worthy.

From insightful articles that can help you improve your online marketing, to fun videos and infographics. No matter what it is, though, we want to make it easier for you to find the good stuff.

7 Ways to Destroy Your Business Website

7 marketing blunders

It can be tough for marketers to balance the need for doing with the necessity of thinking and planning, which is why so many companies have great strategies that they never really get around to executing.

The opposite can be true, however – jumping straight into a campaign without doing the prerequisite research can cause you to waste valuable time and money.

This is a topic I outlined in my latest book, Building a Better Business Website. As it turns out, doing something without the right information is only marginally better than doing nothing at all. To see why this is, let's look at seven common ways online marketers hurt themselves:

Do You Need Online Marketing Therapy?

think differently about website design

A lot of behaviour theory is built on the assumption that we’ve learned all of the most important things as children. This acceptance of a pre-programmed way of thinking can cause us to make and repeat mistakes.

Isn’t it time we start thinking again, in a different way?

SMT: Why Rebuilding a Website Is Like Renovating a House

rebuilding a website

Upgrading or replacing your website should be as simple as choosing a new template, deciding on a colour scheme, and watching the visitors come flocking in from search engines and social profiles, right?

Not really.

In fact, the best analogy we can draw for rebuilding a business website is one of renovating an old house. If you've ever been through that process, then you already know it doesn't happen with the speed you see on TV. Instead, it involves assessing what you have to work with, keeping an eye open for hidden technical challenges, refining design or structural elements, and working away at it until you have something you can live with, or in.

6 Tips for Migrating Your Business Website to a New Design

iStock 000001393599XSmall

In the last few months, we've shared some of our thoughts around the process of moving websites from one domain to another, and even when to start over altogether.

In most of these scenarios, though, we've been assuming that you're moving from custom HTML to a CMS like WordPress, or from one WordPress website to another.

Bloggers: Is There a New Google Glass Ceiling for Authors?

is there a new google glass ceiling for authors?

Since the idea was first introduced and rolled out, I've been a huge fan of the Google Authorship program. Recent updates to Authorship, however, are raising some eyebrows.

Article originally published on Social Media Today.

4 Do's and Don'ts of Website Navigation Structures

iStock 000016607863XSmall

The navigation structure of a website is pretty easy to overlook. After all, most people are going to be able to get from one page to another pretty quickly, right?

Maybe. But, the way your pages are put together – both visually and in terms of the file structure – matters more than you might think. For that reason, I'd like to share four simple do's and don'ts of navigation for better business websites:

Say What? Does your engagement leave others thinking you're a hater?

opinionated passionate engagement

Honest, unfiltered engagement is crucial to online success. But, like much of human communication, it can be a mixed bag.

I was reminded of that recently during a couple of unrelated interactions that took place on a well known blog and in Google+. 

Can Brand New Websites Rank Well on Google?

make over website

Not long ago, I wrote an article that suggested, in some very rare cases, that businesses might be better off throwing away an existing web site and moving their focus to a brand-new domain.

I admit that this runs contrary to accepted advice, and would be a pretty extraordinary step to take – it's akin to burning down your retail store or moving your shop to another city altogether. So, why would I ask you to consider giving up what you've worked so hard to build?

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