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Let's talk today about our unique approach, and how KAYAK can solve your online marketing needs.

Service Strategy

Each project’s scope of work is accurately determined with our unique strategic communications brief, or, for more complex situations, a Brand Envisioning Workshop.

We maximize ROI by keeping person-hours in check and bringing talent to the table only as needed.

We operate as an off-site marketing department, with a proactive approach to serving client needs and delivering ROI.

Value Strategy

Budgets are determined by the project’s scope and specific deliverables – not by the size of your company of the thickness of your wallet. And, our budget guidelines are posted live on our website, which means no surprises.

Clients avoid mark-ups because we negotiate with suppliers and then connect them directly for payment.

Our senior people have been in the marketing and advertising business for 20+ years. So, very few things surprise us and we know what it takes to complete a project.

Partnership Strategy

To encourage long-term relationships, we’ve developed a number of client-friendly policies, including:

  • off-the-clock discussions
  • documented activities
  • access to our team of communications professionals, including partners
  • prompt service
  • proactive solutions
  • fair pricing
  • no supplier mark-ups.

Plus, We Work Well with Others

Over the years, our senior team has built some incredible relationships with peers, suppliers, mentors and competitors alike. We routinely collaborate with them with a goal of delivering the best customer results possible.


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Headquartered in Calgary Alberta Canada, KAYAK is an online marketing firm specializing in lead capture with integrated social media marketing initiatives. We work with local, regional, national and multi-national companies.

Set your course

Getting started with Kayak is easy. Contact us today to find out how we can work together to guide you effortlessly through a sea of marketing opportunities.

Kayak helps organizations generate quality leads online with web sites, social media and captivating content that engages visitors. Kayak's Active Media certification program empowers business owners and marketers to find and attract prospects through effective online networking strategies. Additionally, we help organizations build their businesses online with activities that attract prospects and generate leads.

Currently serving client needs in major regions in North America and Europe, including the metropolitan areas of Calgary, Edmonton, Regina, Toronto, Montreal, Winnipeg, San Diego, London (UK), and many more.

A few words about our start...

Kayak was first conceived by the founder of HandyRandy Communications in early 2010... from a hospital bed... as he was battling stage 4 cancer in his bone marrow. (His victory over that cancer is a whole other story! Ask him about it sometime.)

Anyway, having watched his traditional print and advertising business melt away during the economic downturn of '09, and noticing an increase in requests for websites by B2B clients, Randy gathered his team and set out to solve just how to deliver the most effective ROI online. Over 18 gruelling months, solve it we did. We even wrote a book about it (available on Amazon now).

In fact, since launching Kayak on October 31st, 2011, the (now) Kayak team has grown considerably to incorporate a wide range of online marketing services with staff and clients reaching around the globe. Kayak Online Marketing grew from scratch into a successful marketing leader in under 2 years – leaving the vast majority of our competitors wondering what happened.

Wouldn't you like to do that, too? You can. Simply reach out to a member of our team today.


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