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You deserve a business website that delivers ROI.

From marketing messaging and visual design, to lead capture and search optimization, our websites deliver a whole lot more that you'd expect.


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Website ReDesign Examples (PDF)

All Websites are Not Created Equal

At KAYAK, our core focus is the creation of lead-capture business websites. Further, we specialize in modern, client-friendly sites with visitor tracking, advanced analytics and integrated social media marketing.

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Kayak's website design services begin with identifying (or confirming) your target marketing persona(s) and website goals. With a clear understanding of those goals and your ideal customer, we work with you to craft each aspect of your site, from messaging and visual design to search optimization and lead capture. This approach has proven to produce websites that not only enhance credibility, but also help you to connect with your ideal customer and build your business.

Do you want to feed your sales funnel?

If you answered yes, then a professionally designed automated website with integrated marketing, visitor tracking, lead capture, SEO and social media sharing is the smart money choice. This is the type of website that both marketing and sales managers dream about... limited developer interaction, robust measurement, marketing deployment and near instant leads notifications, and that's just scratching the surface.

Common features with plans:

  • Visitor tracking
  • Lead capture
  • Competitors comparison
  • Blog and page SEO optimization
  • Measure event related traffic
  • Auto-publish to social media
  • Our marketing team
  • Advanced training
  • Blogging capabilities
  • And much more.


Our lead generation website designs like these sites for Omni Circuit Boards and Elrus Aggregate Systems represent roughly 75% of our client sites. The majority of our lead-gen website clients utilize Kayak's marketing team to delpoy and maintain their marketing campaigns. Talk to us about a lead generation automated marketing website now.

Our team will help to:

Choose from these lead-capture website options

Depending on your goals and budgets, we create either Presence or Lead Generation websites.

HubSpot Website Creation (Refresh)
Includes Visual enhancement, Communication Briefing, and light editing of existing content, website launch or relaunch.
From $15,000
HubSpot Website Creation (Full)
Includes Visual enhancement, Communication Briefing, Copywriting for Branding and Messaging of Main Navigation Pages, light editing of other pages, website launch or relaunch. Includes up to 3 landing page setups (TOFU, MOFU, BOFU). Premium content additional.
From $23,000
Premium Content (Marketing Offers, Applications, Etc) Ask
Content Migration to HubSpot CMS or COS Hourly Rates
CMS to COS or HubSpot template ReDesigns/Template Migrations
from $4,000


Integrated Content Management System
Integrated Blog
Integrated Social Media Automation
Integrated Visitor Tracking
Integrated Email Marketing
Dedicated Landing Pages
Customer Relationship Manager
Integrated Marketing Analytics
Marketing Website Automation
Smart Content & Forms **
Prospects Tracking **
Visitor Timeline Reporting & Segmentation
Software Training & Best Practices
Application Integration via Sub-Domain
Access to a skilled Inbound Marketing team to handle all your strategy and content needs!

* requires additional software subscription   ** depends on version



Make full use of your lead-capture website

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  Content Creation (blogs, downloads, infographics, and more) Learn more
  Microsites & other customizations such as dual language Websites Add from $4,000


Our approach to web marketing works, and we can prove it.