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Bi-lingual lead capture website with social media, blogging and mobile integration

An integral part of any progressive employee benefits plan, MyPA is an innovative program that promotes work-life balance for employees while boosting productivity, nurturing engagement and fostering loyalty for enterprise-level organizations.

bi lingual mypa

The Challenge

With a strong commitment to work-life balance for enterprise-level organizations, MyPA came to Kayak Online Marketing for an redesign and re-launch of their web presence. Given their employee benefits service is delivered Canada-wide, a primary requirement was to build the new site for a bi-lingual audience, where the English and French language pages would essentially mirror each other.

The Solution

An initial communications interview and briefing revealed that the primary market – HR Professionals as influencers – regularly sought out information on ways to help employees find a positive work-life balance (which has the added benefit to the business of keeping employees productive). Thus, it was imperative that the new site design integrate social tools to enable information sharing via both social media and blog article publishing. This would help MyPa to attract HR professionals with content marketing as well as bolster their search engine optimization (SEO). To round out the solution, Kayak would guide key MyPA staff in content marketing and social media marketing best practices.

The Results

Armed with a new website, MyPa staff are now able to communicate directly with HR professionals on issues around work-life balance, run polls, allow members to login to their accounts, and actively deploy their content marketing materials, etc. MyPA blog articles are published in both English and français québécois on a weekly schedule, attracting leads and building thought leadership for their progressive firm.

mypa new home AFTER

An added benefit: Kayak placed this enterprise-level bi-lingual web site on a powerful content management system, permitting MyPA staff to manage ongoing content deployment in-house. Further, understanding the fast pace of human resources, a mobile-enabled version of the site was created. 

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