Newcastle Homes & Renovations – Integrated Activities

Key to success:

Going after business “the old-fashioned” way, and then proving ourselves with a wide range of services.


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Cold call meets warm hearts.

They say it doesn’t happen in this business, but a morning cold call in a southeast Calgary business park turned into a solid business venture.

The visit led us to an introduction with the manager of Newcastle Homes & Renovations, who decided on a “try it before you buy a great big bag of it” approach to our services.

Newcastle asked us to create a new company brochure for their renovations division – a great way to start a relationship. Walking the client through the project, discussing both advanced strategy and basic techniques, we delivered on our promise of professional work, on time and on budget.

“Thanks entirely to our strategic partnership, we are now back in the ball game with our brand. They now handle the majority of Newcastle’s creative work. Why? Because we trust their firms and they hit each project out of the park.” – Darren Nystron

We’ve since worked with Newcastle on a number of projects, from direct mail, stationery and signage to a web site with integrated blog for their renovations division.

In October 2011, we raised the stakes a lot higher.

As a presenting sponsor for the Owen Hart Foundation’s fundraising event “Russell Brand Live,” Newcastle had a golden opportunity to raise its profile with an important audience. We helped Newcastle brand an entire venue – transforming the Southern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium venue with pillar wraps, washroom posters, mirror graphics, QR codes, blog articles and various print items.

The event received widespread support, and was one of the highest value fundraisers in the foundation’s history.


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Integrated marketing efforts improve ROI.