An ethical approach to online marketing.





The team at Kayak transforms dated, ineffective websites into lead-generating business sites.

The team at Kayak believes in creating visitor-friendly and business-friendly websites.

We deploy proven online marketing strategies that are supported by advanced software automation and integrated social media marketing.

The chart below presents website quality scores for five of the top online marketing firms (Calgary region). Website quality is scored based upon a combination of quality content, user experience, seo optimization, social interactivity and lead capture capabilities.

Our approach works, and we can prove it:

In mid-January/2012 – roughly 90 days from launch – our ethical 3-point strategy for online success elevated our website scores above every top local online marketing firm (and many international ones as well). We look forward to deploying our unique and proven strategies for you.

kayak website quality score comparison

UPDATE: Scoring Algorithm Revision MAR 9/2013

Algorithm changes reveal interesting trending values for our peers. Values within the light grey area (70-point threshold) result in significantly more lead generation opportunities than those within the blue area. We've elected to not display the peer website addresses on this update, though they are available upon request.

scoring volatility 3

Higher Website Quality Scores translate into significant lead generation.

Note in the following chart that offers received lead responses at different times and days of the month, some receiving significantly more than others. We view this as a confirmation that the web is fluid. Staying on top of prospect's needs and presenting a wide variety of offers is as important as ever. Think QUALITY content.


leads generated from multiple sources


The Kayak Solution: E | M | A

Kayak deploys a three-point system of 1) education, 2) marketing, and 3) automation. We supports these points with vigorous, pro-active follow through (please see: Why should I consider a retainer?) These core services represent the primary components of an online plan for success in today's connected world.

1. Education

Tap into the web’s most powerful and cost-effective, business-building tools.

  • Build influence and establish yourself as a thought leader.
  • Connect with your customers, influencers and decision-makers.
  • Attract new prospects.

Many businesses simply don’t understand that engaging in social media marketing can positively (and profoundly) impact their online marketing success. All the more reason investing in social media and online marketing training makes smart business sense. Learn More


2. Marketing

Kayak's Online Marketers Deploy Lead-generating Websites

  • Communicate effectively with influencers and decision makers.
  • Strategically move prospects through your sales process.
  • Integrate online and traditional marketing messages.

We help you get found, qualify prospects and capture leads via content marketing, search engine optimization and social media networking activities. Learn More


3. Automation

We put your online marketing and social media strategy into action.

keywords NOV 2013
  • Online Marketing Plan: Basic, Advanced, or Pro
  • Service Retainer: Active, Accelerated or Aggressive
  • Deploy Online Marketing Event(s)
  • or work with us to build a plan customized to your online marketing needs.

Meant to move your prospects down the sales funnel, we deploy email marketing campaigns, landing pages with lead capture, lead nurturing, social sharing & seeding, blogging with content creation, search engine optimization & marketing, advanced analytics, ongoing refinements and much more. Select from these options: Learn More


MAY 2013 seo scoring ranking

Leading by example

We believe in practicing what we preach. Our own website is an example of how to do it right, including: search engine optimization, marketing messaging, analytics reporting and tracking, lead capturing landing pages, blog content writing, social sharing and email marketing. KAYAK does everything we recommend to our clients.

Following our own strategies, we've achieved incredible success in a relatively short time, and we've done it without paying a penny on print advertising, trade show booths, direct mail or phone blitzes. We'd like to do the same for you.

If you agree it's time to transform your website into a true online business tool, please contact us today via: the form on the right; social media or good old fashioned telephone (1-855-228-2525 toll-free US/CA) to get it all started.


Everybody wins

Our goal is to provide excellent customer service; train our clients in the effective business use of social media; create excellent, integrated and engaging marketing collateral with powerful call-to-action prompts; automate visitor tracking, online lead capture and nurturing; implement email marketing campaigns; and connect sales teams to new business opportunities.

You, your customers and Kayak all win from a positive online experience.


Let's talk.

If you agree it's time to transform your website into a lead generation tool, please connect with us today via any form on our website; in social media or on the good old fashioned telephone (1-855-228-2525 toll-free US/CA).

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